Monday, July 28, 2008

spinning class #2

  • My butt doesn't hurt like it did Friday. Is it the fact that I have quickly developed bike-seat-butt-callus, took ibuprofen before leaving my home this morning, or did I finally figure out how to sit on the seat correctly? I'm betting it's some combination of the three.
  • Did you see that?? My butt doesn't hurt! I thought it was worthy of an extra pro -- one for each ischial tuberosity ;)

  • This class was HARD. Not to whine or anything... (whine) but this instructor was tougher than Friday's instructor. I was feeling both tough and slightly grossed out as I sweated buckets into my little white towel.
  • The whiteness factor of my legs nauseates me a bit when I look in the mirror. I really need to get on that one.


Di said...

Anna! Your blog is hilarious. You take simple things and make me laugh about them. I didn't even know you moved to Idaho. It was fun to read about all the changes you have made. Good luck with spinning. I went to a class, but I was too scared to put tension on at all. It's probably a good thing because my legs were shot.

Nancy said...

See there? Your blog is tops! Told ya! ;)

Cory & Rebeca said...

Anna I LOVE your blog, it just brings a smile to my face. :) I can relate your sentiments for Idaho Falls with Newport- only here the weather doesn't get above 68, and I rather have the heat and get tan than be perpectually white. I've been taking spin FOREVER and then I got certified to teach last fall. Some advice after your class go home and drink 8oz of oj or take 500mg of Vit C and that'll help decrease the soreness. Also if you haven't already, I highly recommend buying a pair of bike shorts- they're not the most fashionable but they sure do save your butt. Keep up the good work!