Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I miss my bangs, I think. Mostly I had to post to get my curtains out of the #1 slot on this blog, because I'm really worrying that you're all staring intently at them and can somehow see all their flaws. :) And since our card reader broke and we can't get photos off our digicam until we go buy a new one, I was left with no other option but to do a photo-less post.

Anyway... should I get bangs again? Feel free to weigh in on the comments section. I really need to know, this is a big deal to me and I'm uncomfortable making any serious decisions without lots of input when I'm pregnant. I don't need to make another mistake like the "wedding-registry-bedding-and-bath-floral-everything-rampage-of-doom" or the "rodeo-princess-pregnant-perm-mishap-of -2005."

Oh, also. Just so it's out there in the universe for reference, siblings, read on... Christmas 2007 is as follows:
Anna --> Jo
Jo --> Anna
Buff --> Pat
Pat --> Buff

That is all. :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

She's crafty!

Well maybe I wouldn't go that far... but I did finish my very first sewing project EVER, with the help of my 2005 Christmas gift of a sewing machine (thanks Mom!) and my 2006 Christmas gift of a big cute bucket o' useful things for sewing (thanks Nancy!!). It only took me this long to get brave enough to try and actually use them. I started with baby steps... last month, I threaded the machine and then walked away for a few weeks -- it was a little intimidating, okay? Not to mention everyone thought I was crazy because my first project was 2 panels (the whole matching factor comes into play first time out, that's scary!) on slippery material with a row of BEADS under the little pole pocket thing, hello!! You might not be able to see them, they're not giant softball-sized beads or anything... but they're there. Ooohhh, yes... they're there.

Okay stop looking... really, don't look too close. I'm counting on the fact that people probably won't come in and inspect my work. Let's move on!!

Here's an update for all those who aren't lucky enough to see us on a regular basis (hardy har har). This is my 28-week belly, which actually looks bigger when it's just my bare belly but I'm not going to do that to y'all. Or me, really. Let's all pretend that my pregnant face does not look more roundy-swollen than usual, okay?

And then because I think I might get in trouble if I posted without a picture of Aidan, here he is "helping" me get ready for a show. I walk away for 2 minutes to grab some catalogs and I come back to find he's removed 2 of my boxes of jewelry and has taken their place in my suitcase... he's playing with my mirror stand, too. Silly goose.