Thursday, July 31, 2008

potty talk

I am beginning to regret my decision to push forward with potty training with no looking back. We've taken two steps forward and one step back several times (or two steps back... see? I'm honest!) and it's usually us (okay, ME -- I am the primary potty trainer, people! It's hard work!) caving when Aidan pulls his stubborn manipulative crap. Where he got that, I have no idea.(Hahaha, okay even I laughed then. Of course I know where he got it, people! It was Mike. ALL Mike -- nice genes, honey.)

Well he's done it again -- we are in round 147 of our proverbial pissing contest (how apropos, teehee). This time, he has to be potty trained in order to attend school at the end of August -- and he knows what to do, and does it when the spirit moves him (except #2 -- I'll call it #2 for my more sensitive readers). It really comes down to him not wanting to interrupt what he's doing to go sit on the potty, and then when he REALLY has to go he has tantrums because he's uncomfortable and instead of just sitting on the potty he works himself up into a fit -- it's pretty ugly.

Enough backstory -- like I was saying, he has to be trained to go to school. Aidan loves school, he talks about it a lot, is excited to go back... in theory. He also hates being left places, and usually has a fit then too. So we go back and forth. When I told him we were going to use the potty all the time so we could go to school, he was excited, went pee, and then promptly wanted to climb into the car and drive off to school.

Today, however, was a different story. He got hung up on me leaving him at school, and decided he didn't want to go anymore. So after accident #3 today, we were having a chat about where the poop -- er I mean #2, goes, and he answered correctly that it belonged in the potty. I asked him why he hadn't told me it was time to sit on the potty (because believe me, he knows when it's time! It's like a monumental event around here) and he answered, "I'm not going to school," as he grinned and climbed back into bed.

That little pill knows exactly what he is doing. I'm shocked, frustrated, and a little bit awed by his smarts and skills. Those, by the way, came from my genes.


Mike said...

By accident #3, I hope you mean the THIRD accident, not that he went #3. Because I've seen his number twos and they're really gross. I don't even want to know what #3 might be. ;)

Nancy said...

Everybody poops, you know. There's even a book with that title, though probably some Sensitive People avert their eyes in that part of the kiddie section of the bookstore.

He does have amazing genetic material! Any day now he might hold his breath until he passes out, just to show you who's boss. ;)

epd said...

Try not to stress on potty training -- I know it's hard but they'll do it when they are ready. And rest assured, he will be potty trained before college for sure :) Oh and it's just a MINI triathalon -- and if I don't get my arse in gear, I won't be making it. Those spin classes sound hard, I should try one but I know it will kick my butt!!!