Friday, July 11, 2008

5 days left...

...and the situation over here is pretty much the same. SIGH. I've been packing things here and there, but I want to move packed boxes and furniture out to the garage and the garage isn't packed yet. Don't blame me, that wasn't my job!! ;)

On a positive note (sort of), Mike got his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Why is that positive? Well in our original plan his appointment was the day before we needed to be out of here... and more than likely it would have gotten real ugly, real fast. The dentist had a cancellation though, so voila! Here we are, 2 teeth extractions later. Even though we accomplished nothing yesterday I'm glad to be on the other side of dentist visit. One less thing to worry about. (I'm trying to stay positive here)

On an incredibly negative note, Jeff (Aidan's stuffed cat) is absolutely nowhere to be found. I'm really, truly starting to panic. He hadn't asked about him for the last few days, but it started tonight. I asked Aidan if he knew where Jeff was and he said that he was "plob-ably in my closet? Or in your room?" But alas, he is neither of those two places. Or any of the other 247 places I have checked in the last 20 minutes.

Have you seen this cat???
(I'm totally not kidding -- did we leave it at your house, anyone?)


Emily said...

Oh no!!! He's not at Auntie Em's house :-( I hope you find Jeff. Poor Aidan! He must be worried sick.

Mike Silver, Channel 9 News said...

Cat found! Poor Jeff has been wedged between Aidan's headboard and the wall for at least 3 weeks. Despite the lack of food, water, or meowing, Jeff was extracted and is completely unscathed! Upon his rescue, he was immediately snuggled by Aidan. Onlookers said the reunion was nothing short of a miracle. Mike Silver, Channel 9 news. Back to you in the studio, Stan.