Friday, July 18, 2008

made it to idaho

We got here yesterday afternoon after a week that can only be described as hellish! I hate moving!!!! Are there enough exclamation marks to get my point across?? (!!!!!)

So many things have happened, including Aidan's 3rd birthday yesterday and Mike's dry socket (blech) after his tooth extraction. Pretty exciting life we lead, wouldn't you agree?

I wish everyone could see the state of our house... no, never mind, I take that back. Did I mention that I hate moving? I will make sure to update the blog sooner rather than later with photos of Aidan's birthday party and some pictures of this place covered in mess and boxes. But I really do have to go back to unpacking. Or showering. I stink!!! Moving sucks.

A few things I've learned in the last week:

1. Take a break from lia sophia BEFORE major events, not just after. It's just a couple days and it saves a whole lot of trouble. What was I thinking doing a show on Tuesday and closing a show on Wednesday afternoon amid boxes being carted out to the moving van? Picture me and my little computer in a corner of the empty office, desperately trying to find order forms that had probably been packed.

2. Hire movers next time.

3. Piano movers are one of God's greatest gifts to mankind.

4. 16-yr old moving assistants are not very good at NOT messing up your furniture, no matter how good their intentions.

5. Garage sale BEFORE the move, not after.

6. Unloading moving vans by yourself in 86 degree weather is ridiculously grueling.

7. $4.15/gallon at 6-8 miles/gallon times 235 miles ... equals expensive.

8. Hire movers next time. Seriously.


Nancy said...

Life lessons. Aren't they FUN? ;)

SO happy you're finally there!


Linda said...

Anna, I have found your blog page through a friend of mine, Erin Donovan. I have been following your blog the past month. Glad you made it safely to Idaho. I love your writing and your pages! Kepp on blogging!