Friday, July 25, 2008

first day of spinning


It better help me get skinnier for Johannah's wedding, and this ridiculous tailbone pain better go away, and I better run out and get a tan on my legs so while I am staring at myself in the mirror during class I don't want to cry from the whiteness of it all.

I'd type more but it hurts to sit. Perhaps I should mosey over to a medical supply store and pick up a donut for my chair.


stephenson's saga said...

love love spinning! give your self a week of the pain in the ass! after a week you start to get use to your bike. i can't wait to start my classes in the fall. i will for sure be posted my pain as well. you will for sure lose iches for sure if your are consitenly going.

Linda said...

hey anna.....I did a few spinning classes and I love it...but I love running more, despite the shin splints, as I am actually going somewhere. don't give up....remember the saying "no pain, no gain!"

Anonymous said...

cowboy up dear sweet sister of mine. the pain is not as awful as tight jeans!:) I hate my tight jeans and the sad thing is they used to be my not sotight jeans! Thanks for coming to class, I promise it will get better and your fabulousness will conquer the bike seat!