Tuesday, July 29, 2008

chub factor

Let me just say that pregnancy weight gain SUCKS.
Especially when you did nothing to deserve the sheer amount that was put on during baby-baking.
Especially when it's baby #2 fat and it does not magically disappear from your body within a couple months... in fact, it acts like it's superglued on.
Especially when you gained 20 pounds before you got pregnant anyway so you're fighting an uphill battle (but that's just between us, right? At least uphill is good for the butt)

This weekend I think I'm going to a lake or reservoir or some other unchlorinated body of fishy water with my sister Jo and all the kids (between us that's 9 young boys). But that's not the part I'm scared about -- I'm scared about the whole tanning thing. See, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place -- in order to improve my blinding white legs, I have to subject them to UV rays of some sort... and at this point, with my post-baby chub, I'd much prefer to keep the sight of my untanned thighs between me, God, and a tanning bed.

What to do, what to do?


Nancy said...

Why this is true I don't know, because you'd think fat is fat, but tan fat IS more presentable than white fat. Go down to Target's cosmetics section and getcha one of those fake tan-in-a-bottle things, the new improved kind that doesn't turn you orange, and you'll be less likely to burn people's retinas with the blinding brilliance of your thighs.


Ganine said...

Ahhh... I feel your pain but, it is just family... so don't worry about it!!

Trust me I BLINDED everyone in Venezuela at the beach. You want to talk about standing out in a crowd, try being the only Gringa in a beach of Latinos. I stood out!!

Bryan said...

You won't have time to tan anyway, with 9 boys and a body of water you will be too busy just making sure someone doesn't drown, so just wear long pants.

Mike said...

We're going to the lake? Who knew.

Buffy said...

LOL @ Mike!