Tuesday, July 08, 2008

are we there yet?

07/08 - 07/14 Pack all our stuff (seriously, who needs all this stuff??) while concurrently searching the house for Aidan's stuffed cat "Jeff" who has been missing for the last few days -- try not to act panicked, kids can sense fear. I'm sure the cat is somewhere around here... right???

07/08 lia sophia show

07/09 Finish shopping for Aidan's 3rd birthday, finding fun things for him that have nothing to do with sports since his sports toys are tied up in a potty reward that we created MONTHS ago (literally) and that I was positive would be achieved by now. Any suggestions?

07/10 lia sophia show

07/12 lia sophia Region Rally up in Layton... so not looking forward to driving to this.

07/14 Aidan's birthday party/going away party at a local park

07/15 lia sophia show (yes, I'll be doing it)

07/16 Mike's wisdom teeth removal (we are apparently insane)

07/17 Happy Birthday Aidan! Hopefully driving to Idaho (which should be fun -- see previous day's activities!)

07/18 Renters move-in date / Anna's collapse date :)


Anonymous said...

You are insane! when exactly were you planning on packing, and what day did we need to show up to help? should we bring a gurny?
What were you thinkin? Driving to Idaho with all your stuff, 2 babies and mike all hopped up on pain killers looking like a chipmunk.....I guess I will make you dinner that night and prolly a few nights after that! good news! I am getting a list together for a lis S show for you cause that is how much I love you....groan:)

Anna said...

You raise some valid points, Jo ;) I have no idea how it's going to happen, I'm just hoping that it all works out! The dentist appointment was the only time we could get him in (he's on their cancellation list, though)... and it's not even all the work he needs to have done. What a mess! As soon as I figure out when we need you, I'll let you know :) Thanks in advance for the food!! lol :)

H said...

i am so sorry i havent mailed that bag!!!! i have it staring me in the face! i suck! will get right on it

Bryan said...

ANNA, notice the caps. I thought I raised you way smarter than that. What is/was wrong with one extra week to get it done, with all you have listed above you will all bee lucky not to end up in the emergency room. I guess it's too late to get in the extra week.
I'd help but will be in New Mexico to bad
Love and best wishes

Mike said...

Update: Wisdom teeth now come out......... TOMORROW. *groan*

Karen said...

Just one question:

Good luck. As a highly trained medical professional (okay, stop laughing now), I highly advise against the said schedule :)