Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm so excited for "Breaking Dawn" that it completely overwhelms my embarrassment about being this worked up about a piece of juvenile vampire fiction.

So ignore the "on my nightstand" part of this blog because it's being postponed indefinitely until I finish this book. I didn't pre-order it because I didn't know where I would be living at that point... so right now I'm deciding if I should run to a 24-hour Walmart at midnight and grab one or just wait until tomorrow. This town is small enough that I should be able to grab one, right?? Right???

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Mike said...

Just so everyone knows, Anna is currently on the phone with one of her friends lamenting that she is only on page 581 and that she's bummed that she has kids to watch all day because I was at work. Yes, 581 pages in 18 hours. No, she hasn't been able to read all day. My wife is a fanatic.