Monday, October 15, 2007

Say cheese!

It remains to be seen if I'm ever going to be able to take another picture of Aidan smiling normally, but oh well :) He's discovered the joy of hamming it up for the camera...

And here's Aidan painting his pumpkin yesterday afternoon in the kitchen... quite a little artist. He had a lot of fun and couldn't stop saying, "Wow! Wow!" over and over again. Thank goodness for paintbrushes, right? He got the paint on his fingers a couple times and we had to take breaks from painting to clean him up because it distressed him so.

Soo... that was my last update until Aidan's little brother makes his appearance. Let's hope for sooner rather than later, shall we? Now that Mike AND my midwife are both in Salt Lake City, I'm sure we'll all have to sit and wait for a couple weeks... but who knows? We can always hope, right? :)