Saturday, August 16, 2008

that's ms. cleaver to you

I can't get over how domestic I am. Look, I made pickles!

Me! Pickles! In a jar with a seal!! I thought about documenting the process photographically but then I just decided I would end up embarrassing myself.

I made my first batch of jam earlier this week, too. (Jo and I made a couple batches together but I got saddled with all the crappy jobs for the novice, like constantly stirring the molten apricot-y goodness while everyone else in the house did things that ended up looking more fun than they probably were, simply because I was stuck at the stove without options)

I am so June Cleaver.


Nancy said...

Bravo! Look at those lovely hunks of dill weed you stuffed in there, too.

Bryan said...

You know, back when I used to do pickles when all you girls lived at home, you all had an invisible cloaks when it was time to help. I am so glad that you now get to do it yourself.

Nicholle said...

Those look delicious! Use the juice as a chaser after tequilla, just a little trick I learned. That wouldn't be so June Cleaver though. haha

Buffy said...

YUM!!! I want to taste! Where did you get the cukes?