Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Stop the presses -- Anna is allergic to Idaho!

I may be jumping the gun a bit, but I can't even describe how miserable I've been since moving here. And it's ALL the fault of all the stupid Russian Olive trees around here -- they're everywhere, I can't escape them!

Are they pretty? Sure, I grew up with one in my backyard and I always liked it a lot. I also had seasonal allergies growing up that mysteriously disappeared as I got older. Well, they're back now and the only thing I can see to point my finger at is my neighbor's tree (it's hard to see much farther than that with these itchy red eyes of mine).

In fact, I did some serious allergenicity research into the local pollen counts (read: I went to weather.com) and found out that the only thing even showing right now is a low level russian olive pollen. CASE CLOSED, says me.


Mike said...

I'm very impressed by your research and very sorry for your plight. May the russian olive pollen quickly disperse and may your sneezing be infrequent.

Buffy said...

I feel for you... Russian olives send Hart into allergy hell as well. He already takes an OTC allergy pill once a day (loratadine, I think) and this time a year ends up popping benadryl in addition.

Bryan said...

Claratin is now otc.

paul said...

Anna, I found, I think, A solutuon to your allergy problem,Equate,non-drowsy ALLERGY RELIEF 24 hour tablets, 30 tablets for under $4.50, but you must go to Wal-Mart to get them. They are generic, the very same thing as $25.00 Clartin. I work in a mold infested lumber yard impossible to escape. For me it works wonders. Give it a try. And take it with breakfast,BEFORE you go out anywhere.