Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 things about me you may not have known

(aren’t you excited to know now??)

1. Green is my most favorite color

2. I’ve always been melodramatic – my 3rd grade teacher nicknamed me “Sarah Bernhardt”.

3. I’m admittedly high maintenance (everything worth having is worth working for, right?)

4. I like to write, and I like to take everyday things in my life and spin them in a fun and irreverent way for this blog.

5. I’m legally blind (thank God for corrective lenses) – can’t even see the keyboard without my contacts.

6. Family means more to me than most things in this world.

7. My boys have special middle names – Aidan Michael was named for my husband, and Wesley Patrick was named for my older brother who I have always loved and looked up to (even when he was zipping me into sleeping bags under the guise of games of “Rocket Ship” or “Hatching Egg” when we were younger).

8. My pickles didn’t seal. (THERE, I said it. Sniff. Take away my June Cleaver badge of honor)

9. My lucky number is 1,672 – it popped into my head when I was around eight years old, and it’s shown up several times in random places (i.e. the first digits on my driver’s license) throughout my life.

10. I am fluent in Russian.

Okay, #10 isn’t exactly true but I got stuck after nine and “9 Things About Me” just didn’t sound as grand… as I do like things to be grand. It’s that dramatic streak in me.


Buffy said...

Your pickles didn't seal?!

Then you will have to share. And quickly. ;)

Mike said...

I feel gypped. I knew ALL of this. :)

Nancy said...

10 points for the husband! Even the mom didn't know that Russian fib... ;)

Linda said...

anna can you please send me an e-mail at linda.hansen@nolte.com We are headed to Idaho Falls in September. We like to support the local businesses including the motels. We have been burned before so I wanted to ask you about a few of them...if by chance you have seen them. THANK YOU and sorry this is not even related to your BLOG of 10 things About YOu....I did find the favorite number thing very interesting!!