Thursday, August 07, 2008

handy factor

I'm a handy badass, and I needed to share the photos of the roman shades that I hung in the boy's rooms (YES, I mounted them. I am that cool.) Disregard the mess; I was too busy being handy to tidy up.

Wesley's room:

Aidan's room:

Also, Jo came and rescued me from myself and put cute things in my built-in shelves... I kept looking at them with all the crap from boxes thrown in them waiting to be cuted up, feeling overwhelmed and going downstairs to continue unpacking (yes, I'm still unpacking. What of it?)

This was apparently completely and totally unacceptable in my sister's eyes. So she came and sorted it out for me while I offered my expertise in the form of helpful tips: "No, I don't like that there. Move that. No, not cute. Can you flip that? It's ugly that way. Hmm... okay."

What are sisters for, right? Thanks Jo :)


Buffy said...

Your house is ADORABLE!

And yes, Jo is the undisputed Queen of Cutification. Plus she knows how to declutter. That woman was born organized.

Ganine said...

Your house is stinkin cute!!! Make sure you get a portable ac unit for next year.

Karen said...

Way to go! Move over Martha, hello Anna!