Tuesday, August 05, 2008

friends and family

What kind of a mom does it make me when I get a 25% off coupon for Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic for the express purpose of buying Fall clothes for my boys, which I then go shopping with -- forgetting my children all together but coming home with some very cute jeans?

a.) A horribly selfish, denim-driven shop-aholic.
b.) A woman whose shopping priorities are safely in order (kids can wear hand-me-downs and things from the sale rack; they look cute in whatever. Moms, however, do NOT look cute in whatever.)
c.) Where can I get this coupon??


Mike said...

B. Defenitely B. You needed some new clothes and besides, they look totally cute on you. :)

Linda said...

Coupon? Did someone mention a coupon?

Jo said...

Yeay for new jeans! Definitely B. Kids don't need new clothes - they're just going to ruin them and grow out of them anyway.