Friday, August 29, 2008

say it loud

I love Pull-Ups!

Not for me though... for Aidan. Sorry if that was confusing.

Phew. I have wanted to say that for a couple days now, but there is such a fierce anti-trainining pants movement out there I didn't know if I'd get yelled at or stoned. Well, I'm over that -- Aidan's recent success on the potty has induced such a sense of euphoria in me that I could listen to 150 diatribes on how I'm "confusing my child" and respond with just sunshiney smiles (and probably a few muttered insults, too -- nobody's perfect) while I continue to buy the most fabulous inventions known to potty training.

Apparently my three year old was just too stressed out in his cotton, soggy-when-wet underpants. He already appears to be a bit of a perfectionist. (gee, I wonder where he got that?) In the four days he's been wearing pull-ups we haven't had a single tantrum over the potty and he's only had an accident once or twice. My verdict? MIRACLE. Glorious, glorious miracle from above -- I can hear the angelic choirs now, singing the praises of dispoable Lightning McQueen pants and their Piston Cup crotch graphics that disappear when wet.

Sniff. It's glorious, isn't it?


Mike said...


Lots of people talk smack about training pants, but I think that the confusion their kids may have had was caused by poor positioning by the parents. The way you explained it to Aidan, telling him that they were just like regular underpants but they helped with accidents made him totally excited (not to mention the ice cream and the trip to the zoo). You should be the one writing those parenting books. :)

Oh, and I love you. :)

Linda said...

A big YES vote from me on trainig pants! And as they get older there are UnderJams!

Ganine said...

I think that I am heading there myself. I am SICK of poopy and wet pants. Amen sister!! I will get on that bandwagon with you, and I used to be the other person... :)

epd said...

Nothing wrong with Pull Ups! I've never been a big fan of the so called experts on these what is right for you and your child!!!

Joanna said...

We weren't supposed to use Pull-ups? Oops. Um. Hmm. Seems to have worked great for us. So There Experts! :) hehehe

Buffy said...

Yes, pull-ups are glorious and so are you!

Anna said...

Yay for all the training pants support! I won't mention that since Sunday, Aidan's taken giant steps backward -- but he's totally sick, so he gets a free pass for a while.

KatieP said...

Our preschool specifically says in the letters home and parent handbook that they DO NOT agree with pull-ups, and please DO NOT send them to school.

What does my kid wear for nap at school?

That's right. The first of many times in Carter's life that I will be putting the smack-down on the administration!