Thursday, May 15, 2008

a note to my fans

To all of my loyal readers... (well to the couple of you out there anyway),

I love that you love that I am trying to love my blog again, and I need you to show that love via posting comments, not texting me (although I love the texts too). It boils down to me needing to feel validated and loved by having obscene amounts of comments because it gives me great delight and many hearty chuckles to read them. So shape up or ship out! (but don't really, because if the two of you left I'd be writing for... well, me. And that's no fun)

Sincerely and with love,

P.S. I am still figuring this all out so I'm posting this video of my sister's engagement as a learning excercise. Also because I deeply enjoy all the off-color, off-camera remarks made by the peanut gallery that is their HERD of boys. (count 'em, there are 7 of them!)

I sure hope this works.

P.P.S. I'm a super-star!


Jesse said...

Here's your daily dose of midwest-based validation!

Ganine said...

I love ya hon!!
I am so for that donut run!!