Wednesday, May 21, 2008

near death experience

Everything's okay, no need to worry any longer... but stuff got pretty hairy for a while yesterday. Luckily I managed to subdue the massive snake that crawled into my house and reeked havoc. It almost ate me, I swear.

Okay, maybe I elaborated a bit to make myself feel better.

So it was a baby gartner snake that was probably just as scared as I was when my damn cat brought it inside to play with it. YES, it was rolled in a ball, not moving, and I covered it in a giant tupperware and stuck a piece of cardboard under it, carried it outside, and sprinted back inside.

Just because I started crying when Fig first brought it inside and called my husband in a dead panic doesn't make me a wuss. I did not sign up to live in the country, people. And I have issues with snakes.


Jesse said...

I can't wait until your kids get dextrous enough to work a camera to capture moments like these. :)

Ganine said...

I so didn't see this post earlier, that cracks me up! I would have done the same thing.. But, I would have had to call my mom.. Miguel hates snakes as much as I do.

Nancy said...

Poor little bitty snake. I just know Aidan's going to turn out to be a budding herpetologist. :)