Monday, May 19, 2008

end of school year blues

Aidan's last day of school was today. I doubt he grasps it, really, but I sure do. I liked his teachers a lot and was sad to say goodbye to them, but I am more choked up about bidding adieu to my free Monday mornings. Goodbye to my brief but uninterrupted stretches of productivity. Goodbye nail appointments that don't result in me apologizing to everyone around as my toddler runs amok. Goodbye quiet mornings snuggled on the bed with Wesley reading a book.

Hello, summer. We rang in the change by having lunch with one of his classmates Taylor and her cute mom Leslie. (says Aidan: "Taylor loves me. Addison loves me.") Then we came home and celebrated in style with a toddler meltdown that evolved into a dual toddler-infant meltdown resulting in a major mommy timeout and finally sweet, sweet naptime. Afterward, we had some much needed bubble time and Aidan ingested a little bit of bubble solution while he rubbed the bubble wand all over his lips. (technique maybe?)

Oh and by the way, I had enough of the imaginary spider itchies and had Mike put some anti-bug juice on the lawn. Don't hate me. I don't want them gone entirely, but it would be delightful to somewhat reduce their population so I'm not having arachnaphobia-themed dreams at night.


Mike said...

Great picture of Aidan blowing the bubble. Not only did you capture the bubble just as it was coming off the wand, but you managed to take a picture while Aidan wasn't having a tantrum. Bonus!

Grandpa Bryan said...

Grandpa knows that Aidan is always an angel so I'm not buying the tantrum bit. The bubble is great the shirt is great and the boy is fabulous. Sweet thing :-)


Bryan said...

In addition I am really proud of your snake handling skills. I was wondering how you could cover it with a mattress and then get it out the door.

Doting Grammy said...

GREAT capture on the bubble! How could such a sweet innocent boy ever stage a major meltdown, enquiring minds wonder?