Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am S-M-R-T

Since my blog is so widely read (rolls eyes) I decided to add a list of the books that I'm reading or am working toward reading. I'm a book geek, I admit. Mostly I did it because I had to get creative with blogger and I wanted to see if I could do it. There was more than just pointing-and-clicking involved this time, people. I am pretty proud of myself! It took a while of me throwing extra " and = and 10px's and four-letter words into the html code in hopes that SOMETHING would work... and something finally did. I think it was that last f-bomb that I typed in there at the end. HTML is hard, y'all.


Sassy Pants said...

ok whats the secret i want to know how you got the books to show up tell the secerts girly

TheHauserFam said...

LOOOOOVE this song!!!
But I'll stick to kissin my hubby.
Hey.. have you heard of a book called Outlander?? And we will be standing in line to buy opening tickets to Twilight.. did you know that the first chapter of the first book is circling around somewhere? I have a friend who might be able to get her hands on it for me.. interested???

beanbag said...

Totally love miss Katy too! I NEED this love your big sister right? ....share?