Saturday, October 18, 2008

antonio, my spanish lover

Is there any better way to end a crazy day than a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon? I'll tell you, TWO glasses. And a heaping dose of honesty: I actually had four glasses.

Speaking of heaping doses of honesty, here's one: I am not superwoman. (Gasp!) Ever since moving to Idaho, my business has exploded to the point that I'm waving the white flag. For sure I'm excited that people are treating me and the jewelry like the best thing since potato rolls (hardy har, did you get that? Idaho joke, people -- get with the times) but I am seriously to the point that I am going to have to hire someone to help me with some boring office busy work. Like mailing my show invitations. And filing. And... cleaning my house. And watching my kids. And putting on an "Anna" suit to fill in for my life while I slink off to some sexy white sands beach to drink fabulous drinks with half-naked male models. Screw that -- fully naked male models. This is my fantasy, after all.

ANYWAY, sorry for my negligence in the blogging arena. If you want the assistant job, feel free to give me a jingle. I'm sure that with some help I'll have plenty of time to blog while I'm on the beach with Antonio and Paolo, my spanish lovers. PLENTY of time...

(Hello? Hello? Are you there readers? It's me, Margaret.)


Mike said...

Naked models..?

Spanish lovers?

It appears as though I've been ousted.

~Erica C. (BTB) said...

Hopefully Antonio and Paolo will know how to type and you could simply dictate your blog entries to them. You know, after they pour the drink, give you a back massage, and paint your toenails Tahitian Pink.

Hope you and the boys are all well. I miss you!! ((hugs))

KatieP said...

THANK GOD you have blogged. The dry spell without your humor was killing me. I know you're busy and all, but PRIORITIES, woman!!! :-) Maybe try to space business engagements out a little more? No, wait, I've got it! Teach Aidan to address your envelopes. There's no child labor laws when it's a family business, you know!
Missed ya--hope things calm down for you. Hahaha. That's like a sick joke.

Anonymous said...

It is about time! I have missed the funny that is your life...even tho I am right here to experience it with you. Honestly it is much more funny to read about it than to go through it....:) the drama and all you know.

Anonymous said...

Is more funny even a real thing? I think I should have typed more fun. Dont tell mom about that.

nobody you know said...

definitely not.

mom must never know!!!

is funnier that way. ;)

Anna said...

yay i'm happy to see you guys :)