Sunday, September 21, 2008

homemade, shmo-made.

Last night we went to my sister's house for dinner -- she had a frozen turkey that had defrosted in her fridge and needed to be cooked, and so she called in the reserves since her three boys were with their dad for the weekend. Mike really likes turkey -- and he can eat a lot (though not as much as Joe, my sister Jo's fiance... but that man can eat more than is realistically possible or healthy...).

Anyway, the invitation was very nice and totally appreciated since we were fresh out of groceries last night. ("What do you want for a snack, Aidan? How about some dry spaghetii? No? Hmm... do you want a tortilla with ketchup on it?") We drank some wine, the boys played Wii Mario Kart, and everybody ate too much.

It was like Thanksgiving in September -- really quite delicious but totally overwhelming. Remember my pickles that didn't seal and how I lost my June Cleaver merit badge? Well, Johannah has like a bajillion merit badges for various homey domestic crap -- she probably knits the damn things in her spare time.

Picture it, Johannah's kitchen, last night:

Mike: Wow, look at all this food... you really went all out, Jo. Thanks again for having us over.

Jo: Oh, it's nothing -- I had to cook this turkey, and I didn't even make all the other stuff today. Some of it I made yesterday. So we have the turkey, and homemade gravy, the mashed potatoes Anna made, then homemade rolls, the stuffing I made with wild rice and currants, broccoli salad, frog eye salad, and don't forget this wine I pressed myself that's been aging in oak barrels in the basement.

(Okay, so maybe I exaggerated and Jo didn't really make her own wine -- the point is she probably could have if she wanted (and now I'm sure I've planted a seed and next year it will be on the menu for sure). And the best part? Those mashed potatoes that I made? FROM A BOX, people. Anyway, it gets better...)

Mike: After this, we should run out and buy some dessert or something.

Jo: Oh no need, I made these pies (she literally lifted a towel off the pies to unveil them at that point) -- homemade pumpkin and blueberry pie. So dessert is covered.

Mike: Wow!

Anna: Yeah, Jo... wow. (glares)


mamamia said...


There's probably nothing that's officially TOO funny, m'dear, but your blog gets fabulously close to whatever that standard might be.

and I love it!


Anonymous said...

hmmm......making my own wine?! What a fabulous idea. And just think of the merit badge I could make for that activity! I will get right on that. Ciao Bella!

Anonymous said...

P.S. You Crack Me UP! LMAO! THank you for all of your funny-ness

Linda said... was all good until you got to the frog-eyed salad...nothing worse than feeling those little round "eyes" in your mouth surrounded by the glue! :)

Joanna said...

I'm one of those people who doesn't mean to go all out when cooking for other people, but just can't help herself. I think, "Oh, I'll just throw some bread in the bread machine to bake to go along with the fresh pasta I decided to make while the kids are napping, to go with the sauce made from organic tomatoes from my garden..." And then curse myself the whole time for signing up for more than I actually want to do. But it does seem impressive when people come over. Not that this happens often anymore.

The other thing I have to say is: Mmmm....pie. :)