Monday, September 15, 2008

food for thought

what is it about putting a piece of food (hot dog, candy bar, apple...) on a stick that makes it so much better... and so much more expensive?



Mike said...

3 reasons:

1. Labor. Someone has to put the food on thew stick.

2. Food on a stick is usually deep fried. So you're looking at cooking oil and heating the cooking oil.

3. Anything deep fried and put on a stick is way more delicious than the original, so you've got to pay a premium for that as well.


Nancy said...

4. Caramel.

5. Nuts.

6. Chocolate.

(speaking of apples, not hotdogs)


Bryan said...

I believe they charge more because its more of a novelty, but mainly just because they can.
Apples, hot dogs whatever.

Remember the high cost of wood.

Nicholle said...

I had a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich (on a stick) at the fair on the weekend. Ya! It was $5.50! WTF? It wasn't that good either.

KatieP said...

Maybe it's the portability factor that really skews the usual supply & demand ratio for snack foods? You know: if you want to be able to eat this hot dog Anytime, Anywhere, you're going to have to PAY dearly for that luxury. And oh, what a luxury it is!

And, as previously mentioned, remember the cost of wood.