Thursday, September 11, 2008

all downhill from here

I've had such a fabulous response (fabulous for my readership numbers, at least!) to my misadventures in sausage making post, that I really just need to get something off my chest so I can stop crying myself to sleep at night.

I peaked already. Oh god, it was a horrible mistake -- how could I be so stupid??

Phew. That feels so much better. Now we can all stop feeling the pressure to match the funny factor of ground meat gone awry while we lay awake at night sweating and panicking while our eyes dart around the room and our blood pressure soars, just trying to think of how we could possibly top our last post, and we can get back to enjoying the inevitable downhill slide of this blog together.


KatieP said...

Okay, the subject matter of the sausage is going to be hard to top, but seriously Anna, your delivery is ON every time, whatever the subject!! Youve got nothing to worry about, babe!!

Nancy said...

Amen to what KatieP said.

Your writing rocks!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I admit it, YOU are the "glorious" one....but dont tell everyone else, it is all I have to hold onto.(sigh)Being your "older" sister is not all it is cracked up to be especially when I can't even play the "wiser" ball and I have to surrender my "glorious" ball too. POO!
You are funny tho..... If there was a tongue sticking out icon I would insert it here, but instead I will just say....MOM LIKES ME BEST!

Tara Louise said...

oh anna banana. You made me laugh so. You haven't made me laugh so since high school. But only because, since high school, I have seen you six times. Love you still funny lady!