Monday, May 25, 2009

allergic to my living room

Just a little while ago I tucked Wesley into his bed and gave him a goodnight kiss. I walked into the kitchen where my sweet husband was cleaning up while talking to our 10-year old nephew who spent hours at our house this weekend on approximately 8 separate trips (he made the short journey by bike to talk about fishing, or fly tying, or fish, or how cool he is, or fishing, or how he gave himself bruises while trying to perfect a triple gainer with a twist off my swingset, or to eat a dozen of my Snickerdoodles...).


I love this part of the night -- when the kids have just gone to bed and the rest of the evening is ahead of us. This part of the night is much better than say, the part of the night where you finish playing Mah Jongg and look at the clock, only to realize it's 10:47 and you just wasted your entire evening and didn't even win a single game. Oops.

I took a deep breath to relax, and walked into the living room to tidy the pillows and sit down for a bit. The setting sun poured through our front window, making everything glow. Then I noticed...

Ahhhh!!! I'm totally freaking out right now. My skin is crawling. My insides are spasming. I'm throwing up a little bit in my mouth. Pollen completely covering my adorable coffee table/ottoman/bench. Whatever the heck it is -- it's not really vital to this story.

Apparently, if you're wondering, pollen is much smaller than the holes in screen doors -- which is not very good news if you live in a hotbed of plant reproduction. A tree lovefest. Fruit trees, and crazy aspen or birches that have dangly pods and fluffity bits of cotton that sail through the air a la mid-May snowstorm.

Also, in case you're wondering, pollen doesn't adhere to rags. Even if you spray it with furniture spray first. The towel just pushes it around, and it all just falls onto the floor to be kicked up again the next time someone walks through. I was disgusted, I was angry, I was sneezing.

I stood up and looked around, trying to brainstorm a better way to take care of this mess. And I saw pollen coating the mantle, the end tables, the rocking chair...

I blacked out at that point. Anyone have ideas to help me clean up this mess?


Cassidy said...

LOL! Hilarious. We get covered in green here every year. I have come to tolerate it (and perhaps even enjoy it a little in an anticipatory nostalgic kind of way). Anyway...I want some Snickerdoodles now.

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Hi there - I saw your question on my blog and wanted to get back to you. I hope it's ok to do it here.

I chose the cream I did because my countertops were cream and they needed to blend. In general, though, I would go with a cream that's not very yellowy. I'd stick with something that (I hope this is going to make sense) if it was darker it would be a tan rather than a yellow (again...I hope you can follow my logic there). I like Behr's creamy white. Also, as far whites are concerned, I'd stay away from whites that have blue undertones. I love Sherwin Williams Dover White.

Let me know if you have any questions. Oh, and I saw that you're an SLC girl. High five for that! I'm originally from SLC myself.

Julie said...

OK so I'm a little late in seeing you pollen problem post.... It's probably not a problem anymore this year, but it will inevitably happen again next year and it seems to me there IS a solution.

Two words: Suck it.

At least that's what I would do. But then again I have a Kirby and I'm constantly looking for reasons to justify its purchase.