Friday, June 27, 2008

uh oh

As excited as I am about this milestone in Wesley's young little life, I am also pretty nervous for what it means. Aidan was always a pretty laidback, easy baby -- Wesley has been a busy boy since day one. At four months old he was picking bowls up off the counter while in my arms and dropping them on the floor.

Ready or not here he comes, right?? Ohhh, I long for the days when children would stay where you put them.


Nancy said...

He CRAWLS!!!!!!!!!

Wesley darling, you are hereby promoted from Rugrat to Curtain Climber.

Yay, Wesley!

Grammy Nan

Mike :) said...

I love how in the video, he's not just crawling, but crawling in order to GRAB SOMETHING. I'm scared. :)

Emily said...

Look at you, Wesley! Your godmother is very, very proud. Keep your parents on their toes :-)