Saturday, June 07, 2008

scary times at wal-mart

That title leaves so much room to play with -- let's be honest, how many of us have had a scary and/or skeevy experience at a Wal-Mart? I choose not to shop there most of the time for that very reason. However, today I ran out because it's really close and I needed some baby food for Wesley and I had a truly scary experience.

I was going down the frozen food aisle where I had grabbed a bag of rolls when I passed a mom with 2 daughters -- one was young, in the front of the cart covered with a blanket and the older one was walking around looking at the food with her mom. I stopped to look at something in the freezer case and thought that the little one couldn't be very comfortable, it looked like she was sleeping slumped over in the front of the cart. Just then, the little one threw up and the mom didn't notice, so I mentioned that her little girl had just gotten sick. She went to pick her up and she lolled over and I saw that her little lips were blue. She was limp and her eyes were half closed, she wasn't responsive. I have never actually seen a child go blue before, it was truly terrifying.

The mom started crying of course and started trying to get her little one to breathe, and I grabbed my phone and called 911. Over the next minute the little girl (who wasn't quite 2, the mom told me as I relayed questions and answers between her and the 911 dispatcher) started breathing again, and eventually became more responsive. She was still totally out of it. I was so frightened for this little girl I was almost in tears.

I went to the front of the store, showed the paramedics where to find her, and got my phone back from her. It sounded like she had had a seizure, maybe? I don't know -- there was no reason for me to stick around after that, so I hope the little girl is doing okay tonight. I am definitely thinking about her...

As a mom, when scary or horrible things happen involving children you can't help but imagining yourself in a similar situation, no matter how awful. I can only imagine how terrified that woman was, holding her blue baby and trying to get through to her.

I started shaking after it was over, so glad that I had noticed this little girl under her blanket.


stephenson's saga said...

you know you were in the right place at the right time. omg... i think i would be freakin out, but at the same time you have to keep it together for the mom in distress. uhh man, you really gave that girl more time to live by just notice'in here. Maybe you will think of walmart in a different light... maybe not, but that goes back to my first sentence. I sure hope that little one is doing okay!

H said...

Wow you did great Anna! how scary!! What a truly frightening moment. Makes you want to pick up your little ones and love them a few extra times!


beanbag said...

holy cow....HOLY COW! just think of how many times we pass by people with out even noticing....holy cow. good job

Nancy said...

I know we all have guardian angels... and you were one Saturday in Wal-Mart. Thank heaven you were there for that baby, and kept your wits about you and knew what to do. I'm proud of you.


Bryan said...

Anna, this was the reason you went to Wal-Mart today. What a scary situation. I know all about blue babies, actually a little older but blue none the less.
You were great and I'm sure the mom is very grateful.