Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't bother me, I'm eating.

Sooo... Mother's Day started out pretty nicely, but it ended in a puddle of puke. Literally. Poor little Aidan got a stomach bug, and there was not much sleep to be had in our house that night. Mike even got thrown up on, poor guy. Well, I think that's more amusing than sad, but feel free to send him your sympathy.

Anyway, I am not surprised that Aidan had stomach issues. The boy is like a goat, he'll eat almost anything. Window blinds? Sure! Potting soil? Simply delish. Cat? Let me sink my baby fangs into that one! I can barely keep up with him, it seems as soon as I pull a leaf out of his mouth, he's climbed to standing and is sucking on the knob on a drawer.

At least he's not a picky eater like his Dad.


Aggie Blue said...

Bwahahahahahah! That boy's working hard to build up his immunity, bless his heart.

It'll work, too... his grandpa swears the reason he was the only person in his India Peace Corps group who wasn't felled by dysentery was because he ate plenty of worms and dirt while growing up in Malad.

It's all good! :)

Alli said...

He is so cute!! I wish I could see him more often. August is coming soon though. Yeah!! He will be the cutest ring bearer ever!!