Monday, March 13, 2006

Look ma, no hands!

Tonight we gave Aidan a piece of chicken in one of those mesh bag feeders for babies, and he sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. Yes, Aidan likes meat. He just doesn't like handles.

And in less baby related (and therefore much less important) news, I got a haircut. I caved and got the mommy-do. My scalp feels 10 years younger now that Aidan isn't using my hair like monkeybars!


dad said...

Anna, I really like your hair. I've never heard of a mesh bag feeder before. When did they come along? He does look very focused.

Buffy said...

I'd never heard of a mesh bag feeder either. Love the do!

Aggie Blue said...

Darling haircut!

(Cute grandson, too -- and the mesh bag feeder sounds like it was definitely invented by a mom. What a grand idea!)

Steph said...

Anna-----LOVE the hair, i don't think its a "mom" haircut, i think it makes you look more mature but in a fun cute way :)