Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't be jealous

Behold, the living room of our new house:

Don't be jealous, y'all. I am sure you are all thinking how great it would be to have this room -- complete with the giant wood stove that takes up most of the usable floor space (hope you don't have a lot of furniture!) and real knotty pine paneling. Classy, no? You can even see the lovely yellow ceilings and broken lamp; it was a free gift with purchase when we bought the house.

Well, I hate to disappoint all of you, but that's the 'before'. On to the 'after'.................!!

Oh wait. I never took an 'after' photo. Maybe I should go do that.

But not right now... I'm a big fan of suspense.

1 comment:

Nancy Williams said...

I've personally seen AFTER, and believe me it's worth all the wait and suspense. Even though Maggie the Wonderpup already chewed a hole in the new carpet. EVEN SO, it is a fab transformation.