Monday, April 20, 2009


Mike really wants to go camping this year.

What am I supposed to do about this? He keeps describing an idyllic scene: after we hike the "easy 4 miles" (on mostly flat ground, he assures me) to this dream location he has in mind, we'll pitch a tent and roast hot dogs or trout that he's caught in the nearby river (maybe both? in his fantasy this is a multiple-day adventure), eat smores and laugh together like a happy little family out of a JCPenney catalog photoshoot.

He seems so sure of himself, but I can't quite get there in my mind. Four miles on foot sounds like torture to me when I think of doing it with Aidan & Wesley, and when I picture our little camping trip, I see Mike in a river fly fishing for 8 hour stretches while I switch off between chasing the boys away from poison ivy and rattlesnake nests, and pulling rocks and dirt out of Wesley's mouth. And I'm sure there will be bears. If we survive the night, we'll return home smelly, covered in mud, with 471 mosquito bites (each!), and with hair reminiscent of Bellatrix Lestrange. Really, no good can come from my version of the camping fantasy.

Mike decided to take things into his own hands yesterday, and in an incredibly sneaky and underhanded move, he pitched the tent in our backyard while the boys napped. Of course, when they woke up, they were enthralled with this "clubhouse" in our yard and Aidan wanted to know all about camping, and tents, and smores. And even though Wesley can't really ask questions yet, he hopped around and squealed a whole bunch so I could see that Mike's plan of attack was working.

What should I do? What about the bears? Did you see Bellatrix's hair? Am I just being a wuss? I really hate snakes.


Ganine said...

Well I think you might be outvoted 3 boys to 1 mom.. you don't stand a chance. See me on the other hand.. I don't do camping, unless it involves an RV, I did too much of that when I was a kid. Luckily, I have a husband who feels the same way.

The Michaelsons said...

I think you need to go!!!!
Jay and I decided to try camping last year with some friends. We rented canoes and all.
It was a great time. I think if you have a decent tent and an air matress you will be fine!! Adventure at least once and if you hate it you will know, but if you don't try you will never know!! Besides, nothing tastes better than a fire roasted hot dog!

Nancy Williams said...


Camping without kids can be fab. Camping with two toddler-sized boypeople, not so much.

However, you've been outvoted already so you may as well lie back and think of Engl - er, enjoy your adjustment phase. And Allison's right about the hot dogs and campfire. :)