Sunday, February 03, 2008

Snow Day

Well, dang. We woke up to crazy snow conditions this morning -- wind, snow drifts, the whole nine yards. Several of our neighbors were out helping people shovel snow, see how nice people are in Utah? Mike's the hot one in the orange-yellow jacket.

Even Aidan got in on the action -- and it only took half an hour to get him in his snow clothes and out the door.
"No pants!"
"Well, okay -- but you can't go outside without your snow pants on, honey," I say in my best attempt at endless super-mom patience.
Aidan seems to considers this. "Pants!!" I smile and walk toward him with his snow bibs in hand.
"NO PANTS!!" he yells, laughing while he runs away from me.

Repeat for boots, coat, mittens, hat, and the actual act of walking outside.

Once he got outside though, he had a blast helping "rake" the snow with Daddy.

When all the work was done, Mike decided to pull out the kid's sled Aidan got for Christmas in 2006 from his Grandma & Grandpa Silver. Aidan thought this was a pretty cool idea, too.

Everything was going swimmingly until Mike actually tried to pull the sled. This led to less-than-desirable results, which Aidan found hilarious.

Then the boys came inside for some hot chocolate and hat-hair grumbles when the camera came out again.


Nancy said...

I laughed out loud looking at the pics and reading your snow story. Priceless memories!

Anonymous said...

Tel Aidan that Auntie Em doesn't like pants either :-) What a cute little bug!