Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas with the Silvers

Merry Christmas! We're staying home this year, since Mike works tomorrow and we both break out in cold sweats trying to imagine lugging 2 kids under three, 2 carseats, a portable crib, and presents ANYWHERE!! Normally I wouldn't be updating this right now (or for a few weeks, who are we kidding?) BUT both the kids are taking naps and Mike is running all the boxes and gift wrap to the recycling drop-off near our house (look at us being so eco-friendly). So I was left to my own devices with a juice glass full of champagne (tres European, no?) and the digital camera.

So here we go...

Candy canes! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

Wesley playing with the rattle Santa brought him.

Aidan's new scooter! He's been saying he wanted Santa to bring him a skateboard for weeks now, so he was pretty excited to walk into the living room and see this.

Wesley enjoying all his gifts in his own special little way.

After 47 takes, we managed to get a photo where almost everyone looks happy to be there in our fabulous hats made by Aunt Allison.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Aggie Blue said...

Mimosas make everything OK, don't they... :)

Love the hats!