Monday, September 10, 2007

First day of school (sort of)

Today was Aidan's first day at his Mother's Morning Out program, which we enrolled him in for the school year... he goes to a local Methodist church every Monday from 9-12 and he's in a class of about ten other 2-3 year olds with two teachers... it's like a pre-preschool, I guess. They have crafts and circle time and lots of unstructured play, and it's really for socialization. He even has his own cubby and hook!

Naturally, I was a wreck leaving him there for the first time. And rightly so -- apparently every year there's one or two kids in each class that really struggles for a while, and I just KNEW it was going to be Aidan (especially with his recent voyage into tantrum discovery). I stuck around for about 20 minutes outside the classroom listening to him cry "Mommy Coming?" feeling slightly sick to my stomach, but sure that he would calm down... I had to meet Mike to drop one of our cars off at the mechanic though, so I finally left... only to get a call an hour later -- yep, he was still crying. I guess he stopped crying for goldfish cracker snacktime, but started up again afterwards... and he refused to do the handprint craft with the other kids.

He stopped crying right after they called me, which is why I didn't pick him up early... but I still felt crappy. Ugh. I hope this gets easier for him AND me!! :)


Kellie said...

What an adorable picture! I'm sure it's scary being left alone for the first time with a room full of strange soon as he figures out he gets treats and has lots of fun you'll both feel better :)

Johannah said...

Ahhh....THe many joys of mother hood! I promise it will get easier for both of you. It will be so good for Aidan to play with other kids and as soon as he figures this out it will be hard to get him to leave.I also promise that there will come a day when you do a little jig when they finally go back to school.

Karen said...

That is just too sad!! But he sure does look excited to go in that cute picture! I still can't get over Mommy Anna, soon to be Mommy of Two Anna. So domestic ;)

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture! Your little monkey with his little monkey backpack... ;)

It will get easier. I promise.