Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Aidan's a big boy now

So it's official... as I type this, Aidan is (hopefully) asleep in his new big boy bed. He only came outside of his room once, though I'm sure we're in for a transition period and I bet it won't always be this easy (especially at night, that kid will stay up until 9 pm some nights in his crib just chattering away because of how light it is outside, even though he's absolutely exhausted).

I wanted to share a picture of him from this morning from right when I put the bedding on his new mattress set. We're leaving it on the floor for now since he's an all-over-the-place sleeper and I doubt even bedrails could contain him right now.

He was really excited about it, jumped right in this morning and when I asked him if this was his big boy bed he said, "YES!" so at least we have that going for us :)

Oh and by the way, the air conditioner man came today and confirmed that indeed, yes it is unusual for your AC never to get your house down to the set temperature and consequently run all day long. A new valve and a freon refill later, and it's a Pioneer Day Miracle! (or a Stephanie's Birthday miracle, depending on the side of the family you're in or your state of residence)

UPDATE: Success!

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