Monday, September 11, 2006

Aidan's 1st Haircut

Well, Mike finally got his way. I loved Aidan's messy baby hair, but Mike was positive it was starting to resemble a mullet. So today, on Mike's birthday, we took Aidan to a cute place called Cookie Cutters haircuts for kids, and came home with an entirely new toddler - yikes!

He got to sit in a little fire engine chair, and they put on an Elmo video for him to watch, which really did work, he was only upset about half the time. Here's his mostly unsuspecting before photo:

And here is Aidan starting to realize he wasn't comfortable with the situation:

This is where he is completely positive that he hates what's going on:

Here the very patient and extremely quick stylist is trying to finish up, after I swooped in to help hold him tight since he decided he was so unhappy he was just going to get up and walk on out of the salon:

And here's a picture of him in the car after he stopped crying!

And finally, here's how he celebrated his new haircut while mom ran to the store and dad was getting ready for work:

All in all, a red letter day. Aidan even drew all over a homemade card for Mike's birthday, since he's now figured out what pens and markers do (Aidan, not Mike). He even scribbled with his left hand, people.

What a birthday present for Mike!


Aggie Blue said...

Isn't it amazing how a good haircut ages a baby but makes adults look younger? How does that work, anyway? ;)

His Daddy-birthday project reminds me of a similar one of yours at that age. Check out your photo album! Chip off the old block, yep.

Alli said...

I am so loving the haircut!! He gets cuter everyday! I never saw a mullet, but if Mike wants to see a real one he can come visit in TN and I'll show him a good one!!! I love that he is crafting, expecially left handed! Way to keep up the Silver kid tradition! Go Aidan.

Anonymous said...

love the hair, he still looks like a baby :) the first haircut is never fun

Auntie Steph said...

my comment was the last one about the cute baby hair :) i had issues with putting my name :)

Buffy said...

What an adorable set of pictures! I do remember that first haircut of Luke's. Even tho it was his Auntie, he still was about as happy as Aidan was.

So glad to see more pics. Understand completely about the time thing. Got the same thing going on at my house!

Say happy birthday to Mike for me. :-)