Monday, June 12, 2006

Thank God for infant's ibuprofen

This is the first real smile I have gotten in two days, I swear. After being struck down by a mighty flu buggie last Tuesday evening, Aidan hasn't been in the best of spirits. Especially since this stomach boo hung around for several days, rearing its ugly little head every evening between 9 and 10 PM for an encore performance. I learned that with little ones, they can get sick like that for several days... and apparently it's quite normal - I know this because my kind, patient pediatrician told me this after I called the on-call number at ten o'clock Thursday night in a panic because my son had thrown up on me again. Ahhh... first-time motherhood.

Anyhoo, just as Aidan seemed to be getting over his tummy troubles, he started getting extremely clingy, and fussing/crying around the clock, no matter if he was on the floor, in our arms, or flying through the air as his alter ego, Baby-lor the super baby. We tried tylenol, thinking maybe he was finally getting some more teeth... tylenol did nothing. Then I bought some infant's ibuprofen, and this magical dinner-time scene popped into existence. We haven't had a happy mealtime in almost a week! Maybe he is teething... feel free to share your thoughts on the state of swelling that his upper gum may or may not be exhibiting in this photo.

Either way, I'm just glad he was happy enough to chow down on some blueberry-cheerio-chicken noodle soup bits for dinner. Mmm, mmm good.... right? And I wonder why my kid started throwing up!


Aggie Blue said...

Yahoo! That's obviously the winning ticket. And having had the grandparent's version of Aidan's nasty flubug, I can only say DITTO to your blessing of the meds.

Lovely to see him smiling! Maybe you'll both get some good sleep tonight...


Buffy said...

Oh, you poor, poor, first-time mommy! Don't worry, eventually he'll get big enough and you'll be jaded enough that you'll just hand him a bowl and go back to bed.

Glad the booger is feeling better. Yes, it DOES look like he might be teething.